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Privacy Policy

We do not share your personal information with anyone and we have no plans on getting rich by selling it to others.

No animals are hurt during our production of beer!




Extended information:


What information do we collect and why.


Contact details through our web page

When we are contacted through our web page, we asume that the person could be a potential customer. In this regard, we will save the name, email address as well as the content of the inquiry.



Cookies are used to improve our website and to enhance the user experience


Embedded content from other websites.

Articles on this page may have embedded content (videoes, pictures, articles ect.). Embedded content from other websites will behave in the same manner as if you visited the web page from where the emedded content is from.

These websites may collect personal information about you, use cookies or build in tracking systems from a third party and survale your actions through the embedded content. This also includes tracking your actions through the embedded content if you have an account and are logged to the web page.


Who we share your information with.

Information gathered on the website are only used for intended purposes and is not shared with any third parties unless it is vital to respond to the enquiry.


Your rights concerning information we have about you.

You can ask to get a summary of all the personal information that has been collected about you. This will include all the data that you have given to us. You can also ask us to delete your personal information. This does not include any information which we are bound by law, administrative or safty measures to keep.