7F/ Tempel – Sur, Besviken & Førb. – Imp. Gose (24 can) 33cl

Kasse 24 Bx – Imp Gose – 7,1% ABV

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«Sur, Besviken och Förbannad – Imperial India Gose» is a fine brew made in collaboration with our good friends from Tempel Brygghus in Uppsala, Sweden. It is a beer brimful of tropical flavors and aromas. Apricot, peach, litchi and pineapple in perfect harmony, with a good dose of coriander and salt. This gives the beer a good complexity with great depth, a sweet mouthfeel and a crisp finish. A base of pale, munich and wheat malts is applied to balance the acidity and the sweeter elements, and a solid dry hopping makes for a fresh finish.

Brewed as a collaboration between Tempel Brygghus & 7 Fjell Bryggeri