7F/Stockh.Brew.Co. – Bubbelibubb – DDH IPA (24 can) 33cl

Kasse 24 Bx – Double Dry Hopped IPA – 7,6% ABV

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«Bubbelibubb – Double Dry Hopped IPA» is an exquisite brew made in collaboration with our good friends from Stockholm Brewing Co. in Sweden. The beer is a slightly hazy, very fruity monarch of an IPA. It is named after what is, allegedly, the notorious pundit Knug Cal Gustf’s favourite word. «Bubbelibubb». The meaning of it is well concealed for our Norwegian ears, but it sounds important. Bubbelibubb is made with outrageous amounts of Citra and Southern Passion hops, to ensure a fruitiness out of this world. A mouth-watering 40 kilos of hops to give 1200 liters for your drinking pleasure. Buckle up, and get ready for the ride!

Brewed as a collaboration between Stockholm Brewing Co. & 7 Fjell Bryggeri