7 Fjell Round House – DEFCON 3 DDH IPA 33cl (can)

12 pk. Boks – Double Dry Hopped IPA – 8% ABV

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ROUND HOUSE is the third beer in the series depicting The Donald’s friends, enemies, and stupidities. For a man who lies publicly 12 times a day, coming clean about his short-comings from time to time must be a relief.

“I was ready to attack, but somebody told me that people could die, so I pulled the plug.” – Wow. #MakeAmerikaSaneAgain


328 063 586 inhabitants, and that’s who you elect.

Let’s focus on good beer and world peace instead.


#ALLCAPStweetsareanabbominatoin #dontgetreelected #makebeernotwar


The beer in your hand is a Double Dry Hopped Imperial India Pale Ale.

The malt backing is subtle, but present enough to balance the beer. The vast majority of hops have been added on the dry side, so expect a fruity and dank drinking experience, with just enough bitterness to keep it levelled. Enjoy!


vann, byggmalt, hvetemalt, humle, gjær

Inneholder gluten fra hvete og bygg.



OG: 18°P     IBU: 9    330 ML   8% ABV   EBC: 6,8