7 Fjell Double Take – DEFCON 4 DDH IPA (can) 33cl

24 Bx – DDH IPA – 7,0% ABV.

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7 FJELL – Double Take – DEFCON 4 – DDH IPA

Double Take is the second beer in the series on The Donald’s friends who shouldn’t be. It I always good to have friends in high places, and who better than The Grey Cardinal when you need to win an election, or need funding for one of your gold or ivory towers. But; enough with the conspiracy theories, we’re not #FlatEarthers, and we don’t have much faith in the #ChemTrail-theories either.

Let’s focus on good beer and world peace instead. In summary, don’t be a dick, don’t grab them by the pussy, and don’t get re-elected. #MakeBeerNotWar

The beer in your hand is a Double Dry Hopped India Pale Ale, with just that in mind. The malt backing is subtle, but present enough to balance the beer. The vast majority of hops have been added on the dry side, so expect a fruity and dank drinking experience, with just enough bitterness to keep it levelled. Enjoy!

Citra // Mosaic // Simcoe // Tomahawk // Ekuanot



Water; Malted Barley; Wheat Malt; Hops; Yeast.

Vann; Byggmalt; Hvetemalt; Humle; Gjær

OG: 16,2 °P      IBU: 7      330 ML    7,0% ABV     EBC: 6,8


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