SOLO Collab – DAIDALOS 33cl

12 pk Fl. – Belgian Dark Ale – 7.8% ABV

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7 FJELL X SOLO, Your Cretan Craft Beer  DAIDALOS

Kjetil Jikun is by many regarded the man who started the Norwegian Craft Beer Revolution. Our saviour from the mind-numbing pilsner boredom. He went on from «Nøgne Ø», the former Norwegian market leader in the craft beer realm, before selling the majority of the shares to the Norwegian/Danish conglomerate macro-beer Norwegian runner up, Hansa Borg.

Now, after dutifully waiting out his «Non-Compete», Kjetil is back in Norway with his new project: SOLO, Your Cretan Craft Beer, based, obviously, in Crete.

The beer we’ve brewed together is a powerfull, mahogany colored, belgian-inspired strong ale. The aroma is fruity, with notes of vanilla, caramel, leather, and hints of banana. You can expect to find many of the same elements in the flavour, with fudge, malts and light phenols to supplement. We have added generous amounts of carob powder to this fine ale, contributing with an elegant and dry finish with promises of hot chocolate.



Vann; Byggmalt; Humle; Gjær, Johannesbrødmel, koriander

Inneholder Gluten


OG: 19°P    IBU: 23   330 ML   7.8% ABV


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