DEFCON 2 – Fast Pace – DDH IIPA – 20L KK

20L KK – DDH IIPA – 9% ABV

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DEFCON 2 – Fast Pace – DDH IIPA

FAST PACE is the fourth beer in the series depicting The Donald’s friends, enemies, and stupidities. By the time you get this beer in hand, the election is really close. If you’re drinking this at home, chances are the election is over. Hopefully, the nation formerly known as “the greatest country in the world”, will now have denounced their 45th president, and replaced him with Joe Biden. The upside here is that it can’t get worse.

If shit has hit the fan, and The Donald refuses to let go of the reins, or, God forbid, Drumpf actually won the election; well, the beer is 9% ABV, so at least you can drink to forget. #Fingerscrossed

DEFCON 2 is a state of readiness where armed forces are ready to deploy and engage in six hours. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this when it’s time to count the postal ballots.



Water; Malted Barley; Wheat Malt; Flaked Oats; Hops; Yeast.

Vann; Byggmalt; Hvetemalt, Flaket Hvete; Humle; Gjær

OG: 19,5 °P      IBU: 15      330 ML    9,0% ABV     EBC: 8,4